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  • HgX® CFL Break Kit

    This one-time use, time-saving, all-in-one kit contains everything needed for safe and effective cleanup of a compact fluorescent light (CFL) breakage and truly decontaminates the area. With our one-time use kits, you can be confident about the cleanup and worry-free about long-term exposure effects for people and pets.

    Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) are energy efficient bulbs that contain mercury vapor, the most harmful form of mercury for living, breathing organisms. Inhalation of high exposures of mercury vapor can cause sudden effects such as, headaches, cough, chest pain, soreness of mouth, loss of teeth, nausea and diarrhea. Long-term exposure can also lead to permanent lung scarring and kidney damage. The side effects develop gradually and are associated with central nervous system functions.

    Although CFLs contain a very small amount of mercury vapor, proper cleanup will help reduce the risks associated with exposure.

    Acton Technologies' HgX® product is a true decontaminant of mercury and mercury vapor. When employed, HgX® reacts rapidly forming a film over the nearly invisible mercury and reacting to produce a non-vaporizing sulfide. HgX® is not harmful; none of its components are classified as toxic. When particles of HgX® are left on cleaned surfaces, these particles are reactivated during subsequent cleaning sessions and continually work for you.

    Acton Technologies' CFL Clean-up Kit is everything one needs to take care of a minor breakage and truly decontaminate the area. With our one-time use kits, you can be confident about the clean up and need not worry about long term exposure effects for children, pets and loved ones.

  • All-HgX-Products

    For the reduction of toxic mercury vapor, HgX® is an inexpensive, water soluble, non-hazardous, metallic-mercury/sulfide converting powder with a chelating compound and dispersing agent. It reacts rapidly, forming a film over the finely divided, nearly invisible beads of mercury and reacting to produce a non-vaporizing sulfide. Further, HgX® keeps on working. Particles of HgX® left on cleaned surfaces are reactivated during subsequent cleaning.

    HgX® is not harmful. None of its components are classified as toxic. It leaves no odor. And no allergic reactions have ever been reported even after continuous use under various conditions.

    HgX® is stable. It is supplied in polyethylene drums and can be stored safely up to one year without any loss of activity.

    Good housekeeping is vital to prevent mercury contamination. Cleanliness promotes safety. In addition to using HgX®, avoid spilling liquid metallic mercury, mercury, mercury salts or liquids containing mercury. Keep all containers tightly closed. It is easier to prevent an accident than to clean one up.


  • HGX--website-pictures-061

    HgX® is also available as a hand cream and cleaner. It is especially made for those handling metallic mercury and mercurials. HgX® hand cream and cleaner is available in convenient 12 oz. jars, and should be used as an aid in industrial hygiene daily routines.

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