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A wettable, bondable PTFE whisker used in composites to impart some fluoropolymer characteristics to a host polymer.

Aclon® is the first and only wettable, bondable PTFE whisker available to industry. Added to other polymers in loading amounts as little as 5%, it imparts some of the properties, especially lubricity, to the host polymer.

Each particle of Aclon® actually bonds to the host polymer thus reinforcing it to provide a harder, stronger composite. Aclon enhances the performance in a variety of applications including coatings, lubricant pastes, sealants and thermoplastics and elastomers.

The development of Aclon has led to further research in the surface modification of other forms of fluoropolymer materials. The research and development laboratories at Acton Technologies has succeeded in modifying the surface of extremely small particles of PTFE. For more information, contact Acton Technologies.
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