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Calendered Fluoropolymer Films

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FluoroCal® Tapes

FluoroCal® Tapes

Acton Technologies offers a full line of fluoropolymer tapes in various thicknesses and roll diameters. Designed with materials and adhesives that meet a wide array of temperature and service environments, tapes from Acton Technologies can meet your specific application requirements.
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FluoroCal® Films

Calendered Fluoropolymer Films - using premium grades of PTFE skived films, which are then expertly calendered / tensilized, are ideal for applications requiring the utmost in heat resistance, chemical inertness, electrical insulation and anti-stick properties.

High-Performance, Lightweight Next-Generation Films

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Acton designs & produces specialized calendered films tailored for specific applications. The process provides an alternative for engineers and designers seeking lightweight high-performance solutions to problems often associated with skived PTFE film.
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