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A unique new technology creates open-celled construction foams that exhibit most of the known properties of Arkema's KYNAR® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) fluoropolymer without the use of blowing agents or melt processing.
  • Low smoke and toxicity generation
  • Direct Flame Penetration Resistance
  • Viscoelastic
  • Open Celled Construction
  • Not affected by UV or Radiation
  • Weatherable
  • Water Repellent
  • Broad Chemical Resistance
  • Glass Fiber Filled
  • Available with acrylic adhesive and foil backing
All values for reference only, not to be used for specifications.
Unit of Measure


Durometer Hardness

N/A 70 Shore OO

Foam Firmness

N/A 8 to 10 Firmness Rating Scale

Tensile Strength

N/A 150 to 275 lb/in²


N/A 25 %

Maximum Length

N/A 48 in

Maximum Width

N/A 24 in

Minimum Thickness

N/A 3/32 in

Maximum Thickness

N/A 1-1/2 in

Minimum Density

N/A 8.5 lb/ft³

Maximum Density

N/A 25.5 lb/ft³

Minimum Air Space

N/A 70 %

Maximum Air Space

N/A 92 %

Minimum Temperature

N/A -15 ºF

Maximum Temperature

N/A 620 ºF

Compression 25% Deflection

N/A 3.5

Compression 50% Deflection

N/A 5.5

Compression Recovery

N/A 14 %


N/A 56 %


N/A None


N/A Virgin Fine Glass Fiber


N/A White

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

N/A Kynar® resins demonstrate excellent resistance to an extensive array of chemicals. They resist attack from most inorganic acids and alkalis, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, organic acids, alcohols and halogenated solvents. However, strong alkalis (i.e. pH >12) and strong polar solvents such as acetone, ethyl acetate, dimethylformamide and dimethyiacetamide can impede the effectiveness of Kynar® resins. Foam performance may be slightly lower to solid performance but will have a comparative effect. Fillers may change chemical resistance properties.



N/A For information on your application, please contact the exclusive fabricator of KYNAR ULTRAFLEX™ foams:

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